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Industrial ventilation fans applications introduced

9/25/2012 6:58:18 PM
1, for exhaust ventilation: installed in the shop window, generally choose downwind out ventilation, extraction smell gas; application of more general chemical plants.
2, with the the wet curtain: used as a workshop to cool the heat of the summer, no matter how hot your workshop, wet curtain - negative pressure fan system can let your workshop temperature dropped to 30 degrees and the humidity.
3, industrial ventilation fans Scope:
A, suitable for high temperature or smell the workshop: such as heat treatment factory, casting factory, plastic factory, aluminum factory, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating plants, various chemical plants.
B, applies to labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factory, various types of assembly workshops, cafes.
C, ventilation and cooling of horticultural greenhouses, farms cool.
D, in particular applies to the need to cool down and the place that requires a certain humidity. Such as cotton mill, woolen mill, jute mill, weaving factory, chemical fiber factory, Jingbian, plus bomb factory, Knitting Factory, Silk Factory, Wachang other types of textile mills.
E, applies to the field of warehousing and logistics.
4, as a row of exhaust fan: fan performance is generally ranked relatively poor, a less than a few people, the suction fan is not the case, whether it is on the ground or hanging in the air with exhaust fan blowing. General 1000 m2 workshop, that there is a room full of wind effect.