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Quick Coupling For Welding Equipment

Quick Coupling For Welding Equipment
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Gas Quick Coupler for welding equipment piping

Especially for welding equipment piping with excellent durability and corrosion resistance.
All piping connections from cylinder to torch can be associated with welding equipment by one touch operation.

Body Material: Socket, Brass (Chrome-plated)
                        Plug, Steel(Chrome-plated)
Working Temperature Range: -20 ℃ – 80 ℃
Max working pressure: 16 Bar
Standard and Compatibility: NITTO KOHKI Mini super series
Packing Material: NBR

One-hand operated
The flammable gas socket sleeve ferrule galvanizes red easy to difference.
No oiliness substance, insure the highly effective security.

Product IMPA Code Part No. Gas Application
Hose End Plug 850361 S22PF Oxygen 1/4'',5/16'' Hose
850362 S33PH Fuel Gas 5/16'',3/8'' Hose
Socket 850363 S22SH Oxygen 1/4'',5/16'' Hose
850364 S33SH Fuel Gas 5/16'',3/8'' Hose
Small Dia. Hose End 850365 S225PH Oxygen 5mm I.D. hose
850366 S335PH Fuel Gas 5mm I.D. hose
Socket 850367 S225SH Oxygen 5mm I.D. hose
850368 S335SH Fuel Gas 5mm I.D. hose
Plug 850371 S22PF Oxygen torch M16x1.5
850372 S33PF Fuel gas torch M16 x1.5 left
Socket 850373 S22SF Oxygen torch M16x1.5
850374 S33SF Fuel gas torch M16 x1.5 left
Flared Hose End Plug 850375 S22PN Oxygen 5mm I.D.x11mm hose
850376 S33PN Fuel Gas 5mm I.D.x11mm hose
Flared Hose End Socket 850377 S22SN Oxygen 5mm I.D.x11mm hose
850378 S33SN Fuel Gas 5mm I.D.x11mm hose
Male Thread End Socket 850381 S22SM Oxygen Rc 1/4 (PT 1/4)
850382 S33SM Fuel Gas Rc 3/8 (PT 3/8)