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Coupling Automatic Reverse-flow Prevention

Coupling Automatic Reverse-flow Prevention
IMPA code:

Fitted to the outlet pipe, connecting hose and the welding/cutting machine and outfit.

Body Material: Socket, Brass (Chrome-plated)
                           Plug, Brass (Chrome-plated)
Working Temperature Range: -20 ℃ – 80 ℃
Max working pressure: 16 Bar
Standard and Compatibility: Genetic, Koike Sanso
Packing Material: NBR

One-hand operated
The flammable gas socket sleeve ferrule galvanizes red easy to differentiate
No oiliness material, ensure the highly effective safe.

IMPA Code Model Type Gas Size
850301 AS-1 Socket OX 1/4'' Hose End
850302 AP-1 Plug 1/4'' Hose End
850303 GS-1 Socket M16 x P1.5 Female Thread
850304 OP-1 Plug M16 x P1.5 Female Thread
850306 AS-2 Socket AC 3/8'' Hose End
850307 AP-2 Plug 3/8'' Hose End
850308 GS-2 Socket M16 x P1.5 Female Thread
850309 OP-2 Plug M16 x P1.5 Female Thread