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Air Lamp
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Special explosion-proof lamps, constructed with spark proof materials.

It can be used in all the areas where for safety reasons it is not possible to use electric lamps or 

where there is no electricity available.


Where it can be use ?

- Coal Mining

- Oil and Petrochemical Industries

- Tanks Ships, Tank Cleaning or Pipeline Inspection


Specifications :


Air Consumption:      300L/min

Operating voltage:     120 V max. 
Ignition voltage:        210 V max. 
Electrical power:        80 W 
Luminous flux:          3.800 LM 
Bulb:                             80 W HQL 
Operating pressure:      4 - 7 Bar 
ambient temperature:    -20°C - +40°C 
Air coupling:                  G 3/4"

Main Material:           Aluminum Alloy