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Pneumatic Heavy Duty Rotary Drill

Pneumatic Heavy Duty Rotary Drill
IMPA code:
590351, 590352

Pneumatic Heavy Duty Rotary Drill with 22mm and 32mm drill,

widely used in large-scale mechanical assembly and

bridge construction and other metal materials drillings, reamings and tappings.



Model AM-22 AM-32
Code 590351 590352
Max. Drilling Dia. 22mm 32mm
Air Pressure                            0.5MPa
Load Speed 300RPM 225RPM
Air Consumption 28.3L/s 33.3L/S
Capacity 0.95KW 1.14KW
Air Hose Size 16mm 16MM
Taper of Spindle Hole No.2 No.3
Axial Feed Length 60mm 70mm
Dimensions 532x140x322mm 600x140x330mm
Net Weight 9kg 13kg