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Oil Gauge Tape
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Made of steel or stainless steel blade, new ABS handle with brass drawing weight attached.

Sizes 5m, 10m,15m,20m,30m,50m and 100m

IMPA Code Tape Graduation
Material Size
65085A White Steel Tape 5m/16ft x 12.5mm Metric & Inch
65085B 10m/33ft x 12.5mm
650856 15m/50ft x 12.5mm
650857 20m/66ft x 12.5mm
650858 30m/98ft x 12.5mm
65085C 50m/165ft x 12.5mm
65086A Black Steel Tape 5m/16ft x 12.5mm
65086B 10m/33ft x 12.5mm
650866 15m/50ft x 12.5mm
650867 20m/66ft x 12.5mm
650868 30m/98ft x 12.5mm
65086C 50m/165ft x 12.5mm
65087A Stainless Steel Tape 5m/16ft x 12.5mm
65087B 10m/33ft x 12.5mm
650876 15m/50ft x 12.5mm
650877 20m/66ft x 12.5mm
650878 30m/98ft x 12.5mm
65087C 50m/165ft x 12.5mm