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Gases, liquids share the camlock coupling

7/4/2012 7:21:53 PM
The quick coupling is mainly used for ion cooling device piping, brewing equipment, the work of the machine cutting oil piping, car washing machine. Connected through a simple lever operation, transport liquid, gas, powder and so on.The main material, size, and installation of shape variety.
The use of the camlock coupling Note: Please do not use the fluid outside the applicable fluid.Do not use more than the maximum operating pressure. Do not for use temperature range, to prevent the sealing material wear or leakage. Brake valve must be set before the camlock coupling. Please do not use as a hinge head.For vibration, impact machine will cause durability reduced.Steel, iron quick coupling do not use water, glycol media. Coated with zinc coating will be dissolved. The use of fluid is filtered through the filter clean fluid."O" ring must always remain with the oil state.