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Pneumatic jet gun cleaning

2/21/2013 12:01:14 AM

Pneumatic jet gun cleaning: Use should immediately clean the gun and its accessories, do not pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the main reasons for failure gun. Cleaning on the suction gun, you should remove the paint cans the suction tube left in the cup. 2-3 laps, then loosen the air cap with a folded rag to block the air cap, and then pull the trigger. This enables the gun coating flow back into the coating tank.
Note: The use of air pressure is lower, and the when paint cans mounted gun, do not, otherwise the paint will splatter from the tank. Re Tighten the air cap, paint cans and paint rewind the original large pot. Solvent and dilute brush cleaning cup and lid, with a rag soaked in solvent to wipe off the residue. Then pour a little clean detergent cup, pull the trigger, spray cleaners, cleaning conveying pipe. The air cap is then removed, soaked in a diluent or solvent, and the kind of a soft brush with a the Round formula toothbrush or straw broom clean the clogged apertures. Remember, never can be things such as wire or nails clean up these holes, these holes are finishing drilled. Brush and solvent cleaning nozzle with a spray gun. Soaked thinner rag to wipe clean the outside of the gun, and pay attention to wipe off all the paint traces. Operations such as cleaning the gun, the remainder of the large number of solvent is not conducive to environmental protection is a waste if directly drained. Using high temperature distillation, solvent recovery machine dirty solvent recovery process to get clean solvent, saving a large amount of solvent, but also to protect the environment. Note: If the pneumatic gun use after, if not immediately cleaning nozzle will partially or completely blocked, leading to the spray gun spray to split (spray dried paint chips) or spray shape not. Additives enamel is especially true. Because after use, if you do not wash it off immediately, the enamel will harden inside the gun.