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Which manufacturer of airless paint sprayer after-sales service best

5/21/2012 6:58:17 PM

Shanghai Allmarine Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2006.Allmarine as a professional design, production, sales of airless paint sprayer machine, quick coupling, ventilation fans.For a long time the company has always adhere to "honesty, quality first" approach to business, providing high-quality professional equipment, while providing customers with high quality after-sales service, won the trust of customers.

Company supply the high-quality airless paint sprayer.It has matters needing attention as following.

First, the handling precautions

1. when the spraying, not to fingers, hands or anywhere on the body contact with the nozzle.

2. gun port toward themselves or others is strictly prohibited.

3. non nozzle jacket to remove the spray.

4. in addition to spraying or cleaning at any time must be the gun insurance closed.

5. during the repair or maintenance of any airless paint sprayer before relief.

6, the cleaning, do not use bleach or strong acid solvent.

7. must be equipped with the appropriate power supply regulator.

Second, the Construction Notes

1. in good ventilation and lighting adequate place construction.

2. Do regional sparks or combustible construction.

3. airless paint sprayer is idling in the paint more than 10 seconds.

4. airless paint sprayer can not be used with glue composition or containing particles and solvent-free or with strong corrosive paint spraying.

5. airless paint sprayer can only use 220 volts single phase is strictly prohibited connected to 380 volt power supply, otherwise it will burn the motor.

6. and then unplug the power outlet, never pull the device power cord.

7. spraying, do not smoke.

Warning: Do not underestimate any harm. If not handled properly may lead to serious consequences. Injury can be sure to consult a doctor.