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Gas Quick Coupling What is the role?

5/29/2012 6:19:35 PM

The quick coupling of the gas is a gas connectors, plugs and sockets. Connected sets of external and one sleeve, the sleeve and connected sets of a cavity equipped with an outside push spring. Air inlet inside the center hole is equipped with a sealing films, tablet and push the spring of the positioning rod, the precession of the connection. The annular slot in the outlet side of the connection sets with a ring, the outer wall equipped with steel ball, constitutes the outlet, the outlet connector (plug) inserted into the socket, that is, constitute the quick coupling. The sliding sleeve to the opposite direction of the intake, the plug will automatically exit, sealing films return, the gas line is disconnected; inward push plug in the socket, sealing films, conduction of the gas line.

Gas Quick Coupling for shipbuilding, steel, chemical and other industrial and mining enterprises, centralized gas supply quick connect and quick separation of the gas pipeline and terminal equipment, has installed together to open evacuation closed, leaving the job more convenient. The Quick Coupling the use of media can be divided into oxygen quick coupling,, acetylene quick coupling,carbon dioxide quick coupling,propane quick coupling,compressed air quick coupling, natural gas quick coupling.Quick Coupling of a variety of media can not be mixed with each other plug. Flammable gas quick coupling, , also known as anti-reverse quick coupling.The connector junction has a top opening valves and anti-tempering device to prevent welding and cutting process of tempering phenomena which may cause an explosion. Maximum working pressure: oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, compressed air 1.6Mpa,gas 0.2Mpa.