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Advantages and disadvantages of the high-pressure airless sprayer

2012/4/27 18:46:30
High pressure airless sprayer using high-pressure piston pump paint pressurized to 3000PSI (210kg/cm), high-pressure paint conveyor through the high pressure hose to spray gun, release pressure on the formation of atomization through the nozzle in the wall surface to form a densecoating. Airless spray paint atomization does not require compressed air, it is called.
It has the following advantages:
First, the high efficiency of the coating. Coating efficiency of up to 500-1200 square meters per hour is 10 times more than the traditional drum construction
Second, excellent surface quality. Spray coating formation, Guanghua, dense brush marks, roller marks, and particles.
Third, to extend the coating life. Airless spray can make paint particles deep into wall voids, so that the film also mechanical interlocking wall formation, and enhance paint adhesion and prolong life.
Corner, easily overcome, gaps and uneven hard brush site
Fifth, save paint. Brush thickness is very uneven, generally in the 30-250 micron coating a low utilization rate, without gas spray is very easy to obtain a coating thickness of 30 microns, relatively save 20-30% of the coating.