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Airless paint sprayer how to clean

5/20/2012 6:44:01 PM

Warning: Airless paint sprayer is a high-pressure device, it is in operation, please read the precautions in the operating instructions and warning labels.

Step 1. turn off the airless paint sprayer's spray gun insurance

Step 2. closed airless paint sprayer's power switch, and the return valve to release pressure within the device (backflow valve counterclockwise rotation can)

Step 3, the nozzle Remove will be soaked in clean solvent or water kegs, and counterclockwise rotation return valve can be (Note: The return valve can not be fully unscrew)

Step 4. the suction tube Lift the suction tube to leave the paint bucket to open the airless paint sprayer, paint the equipment from the return pipe outflow

Step 5. prepare one fitted with the metal drums of water or clean solvent, do not use industrial alcohol to clean the airless paint sprayer, industrial alcohol makes the equipment inside the seal gel

Step 6. suction tube placed in metal drums, water or solvent in the device cycle for 2-3 minutes, turn off the power switch

Step 7. in order to save the rest of the paint in the paint tube, the nozzle at the paint Tongbi pull the trigger return valve clockwise to tighten, you should pay attention to paint spatter paint solvent or water, close the nozzle and nozzle placed in metal drums.

Step 8. pull the trigger to make a clean solvent or water in the device cycle for 2-3 minutes, turn off the power switch

Step 9. the suction tube to lift the suction tube to leave the metal drums containing water or solvent, the backflow valve is set in the reflux position, turn the power switch, the equipment within the solvent since the return pipe to discharge

Step 10. prepare a clean solvent or water, and using low pressure so that it loop airless paint sprayer, until the clean so far, such as clean water, add a little equipment protection solution in water, this way can reduce the device be rusty

Step 11. the siphon tube removed from the metal drum with solvent or water and suction tube in the filter is clean

Step 12. whether the filters on the check airless paint sprayer and nozzle clogging will be damaged, if necessary, clean or replace.

Step 13. the nozzle out of the keg with solvent or water, use a soft brush nozzle gently brushing and blow clean with compressed air, stored in a dry place.