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How to identify pneumatic diaphragm pump whether the imported

5/14/2012 6:26:30 PM
How to identify pneumatic diaphragm pump whether the imported 
Now on the market more and more imported pneumatic diaphragm pump, how to identify the purchase of pneumatic diaphragm pump is the original? By the following pointsIn 1, the appearance of imported pneumatic pump, appearance is very good, will be more uniform, Natural Spray2, details, mainly small screws, screws through the material, imported pneumatic pump will select material good, can also look at the screw manufacturer3, whether in the pump body found on MADE IN, now more and more imported brands in the domestic set up plants, according to state law, in China the factory's products, to indicate the obvious Chinese manufacturing, such as Ingersoll-Rand pneumatic diaphragm pump, both sides in the centrosome tips4, packaging, packaging cartons of foreign are relatively thick, mostly English fontIn 5, price, this point is also very important, the original imported pneumatic diaphragm pump prices are relatively high, mainly is the exchange rate, tariff, if the same production state of the pneumatic pump price difference is very large, it is necessary to pay attention to, because a state of material cost, labor cost is not too large, not on price theory too much.
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