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Wilden pump repair guide

2012/5/7 19:03:24

Wilden pump repair guide

First .Wilden pump have action, but the flow is small or no liquid outflow:

(a) check wilden pump cavitation, reducing pump speed liquid into the liquid chamber.

(b) check valve ball is stuck. If the operating liquid pump incompatible with the elastomer, the flexibility to experience the expansion of the phenomenon. Please replace the appropriate elastomer material.

(c)check wilden pump inlet connector locking does not leak, especially near the inlet end of valve ball need to tighten the clamp.

Second. Wilden pump air valve icing: Check the compressed air moisture content is too high, installation of air-dry and set.

Third.Wilden pump exports have produced bubbles: Check that the diaphragm is broken, check whether the clamp locking, especially in the inlet tube clamp.

Fourth. liquid from the air discharge outflow: check whether the diaphragm rupture, check the diaphragm and inside and outside the plywood the shaft clamping.

Fifth. The valve rattled: to increase the export or import lift.

Wilden pump repairing work must be very seriously.Shanghai Allmarine Industry Co.,Ltd.Perfect after-sales service, you do not have to worry about maintenance of wilden pump .Here wilden pump are all high-quality, you can rest assured to buy!