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Defects of the conventional airless paint sprayer

10/22/2012 6:45:36 PM
Air spray, a use of compressed air to blow away the fluid into a mist attached to a surface to be painted coating technology, invented in 1888, the United States, dating back to the existing 114-year history, in which more than one hundred years, except air spray type changed slightly outside, the principles are much improved, traditional air spray.
Conventional airless paint sprayer can provide users with good atomization and optimal coating quality, but there are also some serious problems:
1. Paint low utilization rate: Average utilization of traditional air spray gun paint is about 35%, that is, conventional air spraying operation, nearly 65% of the paint is wasted, most of them non-bulk air spray room and on the floor.
2. Air consumption: The conventional air gun 8 to 17 cfm air amount needed when operating the fluid atomization.
3.Spraying efficiency: due to the thin film thickness of the conventional air spray gun, which normally takes repeated spraying to reach the required film thickness, but can not raise production efficiency.
In addition, conventional air spray gun generally need 40 ~ 90 psi air pressure to the complete atomization of the paint, making the traditional air gun will generate a lot of flying paint mist when spraying the flying paint mist will not only cause environmental pollution and be causing serious harm to the human body. To this end, the government of California in 1996 enacted the Clean Air law, in particular to make the limit for flying paint mist when spraying, spray paint utilization must reach more than 50% of all the painting industry, to low the level of harmful pollutants in the air.