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Quick coupling can achieve water supply repair quickly

10/24/2012 6:31:58 PM
According to reports, the water supply pipe wall leaking pipe rupture and joints leak situation, usually used to repair sleeve, flax, ordinary cement pipe breakage. Affected by pipe diameter, pipe and other factors, not only the time is slow, but also affect the surrounding residents with water. The introduction of new repair material called "water Tsui Quick Connector". The use of this new material, water pipe repair time can make two to three times shorter than the original, in order to guarantee a water pipe burst, water supply timely recovery.
Annually to the winter, because the weather is cold, the water pipes are prone to burst pipes. Water Tsui quick connector in the case of non-stop water supply to achieve rapid repair. That during the water supply repair, do not close the inlet valve the first direct removal of part of the damaged pipe sections or fittings and their connections straight pipe, and then through the camlock coupling on the old and the new two-stage straight pipe segment of the flexible connection, and will be able to complete the new pipe sections quick replacement of damaged pipe section. Meanwhile, the quick connector attached to the rubber band to replace the Masi traditional filling material, sealing better to avoid cause secondary leaks occur due to tightness is not enough.