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Instructions for use of the pneumatic jet gun

2/20/2013 11:54:28 PM

First, maintaining stability, a suitable air pressure
The size of the air pressure to use the air pressure specified in the instructions before using the tool to check the air pressure must not exceed the prescribed air pressure, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous
2 gas source must use ordinary compressed air dry, dust-free, non-use of oxygen and flammable gases, in order to avoid accidental injury.
Each time the work is completed, be sure to air hose and tools separately.
When multivessel share a pneumatic jet gun compressor, the compressor capacity must match it, otherwise it will result in insufficient air pressure, affect the spray effect.
Second, the operating precautions
1 ready to use
(1) before the operation, especially after cleaning or repair work, you must check the screws are tightened, if loose, the screw fastening. Tightening nozzle suite components.
(2) ① air interface in the pneumatic gun handle lower part. Before installing the air hose, it should be blown clean.
② gun factory, coated with preservative treated before use, application thinners thoroughly washed gun.
③ the use of the spray gun, spray pressure adjustment required. Spray patterns on the paper check, if necessary, can change the pressure to be re-adjusted.
2. Adjust the fan width of the rotating fan adjustment, adjust the fan width. In accordance with your requirements, spraying graphics from the sector to adjust round.
Reduce paint flow by adjusting coating traffic control knob to adjust the size of the paint flow by adjusting the gun needle travel (Loosen the positioning nut, after adjustment, then tighten the retaining nut). If the the gun needle of stroke is too small, the paint pressure is too high, the gun needle will accelerate wear. We recommend that you install a smaller nozzle suit.