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Types of pneumatic Jet Chisel rust

1/30/2013 6:28:53 PM

Centrifugal jet blasting: The process is carried out in the fixed or removable closure means, the abrasive is supplied in the apparatus on the pneumatic Jet Chisel rotating impeller and uniformly high speed projectile abrasive to the surface being cleaned. Most centrifugal abrasive jet cleaning equipment is fixed, and the abrasive particles is circulated in a closed system. Can be used for different rust grades of continuous equipment surface rust. Centrifugal abrasive blasting descaling can not completely remove the chemical contaminants on the surface of the device, if needed to completely remove the chemical pollutants, the supplementary otherwise processed.
The vacuum or negative pressure head ejection rust: The process is similar to the compressed air jet descaling, but the nozzle is enclosed in a negative pressure head within the dense paste with the steel surface, and the latter collected spent abrasive and contaminants. Other hand, in the negative pressure head at the air abrasive rely reduced pressure is sucked to the surface to be treated. The working environment of the process is almost not produce dust pollution, but compared with other injection rust methods achieve longer consumed by the same rust grade, not suitable for serious corrosion equipment surface rust and surface irregular shape the device surface rust.