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Stainless Steel quick coupling Usage

11/27/2012 7:53:26 PM
Stainless steel quick coupling Usage: the female end of the female models B, C, D, DC male male end models A, E, F, DP, any kind of assembly into a set of quick connector products, users can be noted in their own specificneed to select the product. Threaded connection, threaded portion should add sealant; hose connection, to use the hose clamps card tight to ensure the tightness of the connection.
Stainless steel camlock coupling should not be used for purposes other than the joints, like mixed with metal powder or sand and dust, and other places that may have resulted not work or leak occurs. Should also note the use of such stainless steel fittings, can not exceed the maximum pressure limit, the fluid used to clean fluid is filtered through a filter, which does not contain other impurities. Work, the temperature control should be within the scope of the use of stainless steel quick connector to prevent caused by wear and tear or leak sealing material. Must not be artificially hitting, bending, stretching joints to prevent damage caused connector.