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Regular maintenance quick coupling

12/3/2012 7:54:01 PM
The camlock coupling normal fluid flow connector maternal daughter.Structure: full circulation of the quick connector quick connector; quick connector of one-way closed; bidirectional closed quick connector.
Use the quick coupling Note:
To understand, select pressure and temperature ratings suitable quick connector.
2, quick connectors and sealing material should be compatible with the fluid, integrated cost and reliability point of view, you want to choose the right material stainless steel quick coupling.
3, to prevent hard foreign body inside and out connectors. If the fluid is not clean, want to install a filter in front of the Quick Connector.
4, using quick connectors between mother and daughter do not often rotate to avoid seals impaired.
5, on a regular basis within the quick connector seals lubrication and maintenance.
6, the the Quick Connector mother, daughter as often a state of separation, protection devices can be installed to prevent the entry of foreign matter.
For security sealing systems have stringent requirements, the fast connector body seal only the second sealing to install cutoff valve to the front of the joint, as the first seal.