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Stainless steel pneumatic quick coupling

10/28/2012 7:36:33 PM
Pneumatic camlock coupling, a micro tool will be able to achieve the piping connected or disconnected connector.Quick connectors can be divided into: shared air with quick connectors, oxygen-fuel gas quick connector, gas liquid quick connectors, hydraulic quick connector, inert gas with quick connectors, cooling water temperature of oil with quick connector, semiconductors quick connector.
Stainless steel pneumatic camlock coupling parts stamping and die life, ordinary stainless steel plate strength and hardness are lower, shear strength, tensile strength, and low-carbon structural steel plate (15 to 25 steel) is similar, but the stainless steel plate punching the resistance or the extent of damage to the mold is much greater than the low-carbon steel. The key stainless hardening more serious, the smaller deformation can cause hardness greatly improved, so that the blanking force substantial increase. Therefore, stainless steel, either cutting or stamping is very difficult.
To ensure the life of the die parts stamping process and die structure, strength, stiffness, designed to attract enough attention. Some parts used in televisions, is part of the process were analyzed by 1.5mm thick stainless steel, which expands blanking, as shown, the U-shaped groove width was originally 1.5mm punched parts on the structure of the process reached the limit avoid punching punch strength problems, taking fully into account the case does not affect the product performance, 1.5mm slot width widened to 2mm.