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Camlock coupling Considerations

11/27/2012 7:45:31 PM
Stainless steel camlock coupling in any combination, can be arbitrarily combined into one end of the internal thread, one end of the external thread; take over at both ends; one end of the external thread, internal thread at one end; or any blockage. Quick Connector mainly divided into 304 (CF8) 316 (CF8M) material, quick connector mold parting heavy duty quick connector quick connector, light, the lightest quick connector.
Stainless steel quick connector used for some time, it is prone to failure, like shedding, leaks and other problems have occurred. The use of stainless steel quick coupling should be checked for leaks, if there should stop using it immediately and replaced with a new, while recognizing gas welding torch valve is turned off and then connect. The hose should be firmly inserted into the interface at the bottom, with a fixed the hose belt or nut. Avoid using a cracked hose, to prevent causing a leak and fall off. Use in the event of vibration, shock, should immediately stop work if the mandatory machine durability of the job will reduce.