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Acceptance and installation of ventilation fans

11/21/2012 7:30:40 PM
Receipt inspection and ventilation fans installation preparation
1, ready for the ventilation fans installation required materials, tools and venues.
2, axial fan out of the box should be checked if the packaging is intact, the fan nameplate parameters to meet the requirements, each came with accessories are complete.
3, carefully check the ventilation fans during transport or without deformation or damage, the fasteners are loose or falling, the impeller is whether there is a collision, and the fan check various parts. Such abnormality is found, then other repair.
4,Measured with 500V megger insulation resistance between the blower housing and motor windings, its value should be greater than 0.5 megohms, and otherwise deal with the motor windings drying processing, drying temperature is allowed to exceed 120 ° C.
Special Considerations
1,Axial fan housing or the grounding of the motor housing must be reliable, prohibit the rotation in the opposite direction, prohibiting excess given the current run, missing running is prohibited;
2, fan bearings refueling times of not less than 1000 hours / blower maintenance operation is prohibited.