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Eight advantages of industrial ventilation fans

10/21/2012 7:00:12 PM
Industrial ventilation fans, the use of air convection principle of negative pressure ventilation, installed in a poorly ventilated area, plant stagnant heat, odors, fumes, bad smell in the shortest possible time the rapid discharge of outdoor and indoor temperature reduced to the same as the outdoor temperature, but it can feel much cooler than the outdoor, industrial exhaust fan exhaust fan allows air to move up, the number of air changes per hour can reach 60 to 120 times, can you create an airy smooth fresh air, good and comfortable working environment, a radical improvement in the indoor heat, odors, fumes, bad smell and other problems, improve the overall efficiency of each worker more healthy.
Industrial exhaust fan a few advantages:
1,Automated molding process, high precision.
2 extra-thick galvanized layer, anti-corrosive.
3, high-strength alloy casting wheels, light weight, high strength, good toughness
New distortions stamping molding blades, leaf type angle reasonable, large air volume, low noise.
5, shutters automatically open and close to achieve the effect of wind, dust, rain and beautiful
After the six stringent quality testing procedures: noise monitoring, yet East detection, transmission concentric performance test, fan blade speed detection, motor current detection, machine efficiency detection.
7, high-performance 380V three anti-special motor, belt drive double support (E-type).