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Ventilation fans selection method

10/25/2012 7:28:12 PM
Ventilation fans Selection is a highly technical job specific selection method, such as: the dimensionless characteristic curve Selection, logarithmic coordinates curve Selection press have dimensionless characteristic curve or performance table selection Selection of variants pipe network resistance selection. The fan selection method is complicated ways to master requires a certain amount of expertise.
For general business personnel familiar with and master the the the dimensionless performance table selection and fan selection software are two ways you can. These two methods are simple and easy to operate. Selection of the fan, the Ventilation fans air flow needed first, full pressure two basic parameters can be through the fan the dimensionless performance table (each fan has the product manual data) to determine the model and serial number of the fan, may be more than one product to meet the requirements; then combined with the fan uses process requirements, the use of occasions, select the type of fan, models, and materials of construction required to comply with the conditions of work, and strive to make the the fan rated flow and rated pressure as close as possible to the flow and pressure of the process requirements, so that the fan operating point close to the wind turbine features high efficiency District run time.
Selecting fan, you should try to avoid using the fan in parallel or in series work. When unavoidable, you should choose the joint work of the same model, the same performance ventilator. When used in series, the first stage fan to piping between the second stage fan should join. The selection of a new Ventilation fans should consider the full use of existing equipment, suitable for live production installation and safe operation, and other issues.