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Electric explosion-proof ventilation fan demolition

1/22/2013 8:08:17 PM

First, before and after the Electric explosion-proof ventilation fan cover and stand at the seams and at the contact of the bearing caps and end caps and marked for reset. General motor before detaching the front side of the bearing cap, after the demolition of the rear bearing cover, motor cover. The specific approach is: first motor bearing cover screws removed, the bearing caps won, and then removing all cover bolts. Screw two bolts on the two top wire hole in the end cap, two bolts evenly forced to turn larger cover use sling cover first hang up, the end caps won.
Generally small motors should first dismantle the front side of the bearing caps, end caps, and then the rotor with the rear side of the end cap drawn out together. For large fan in the chassis of the motor rotor, together with the fan and the fan-side end cap drawn out together.
Large and medium-sized a heavier motor rotor, professional lifting tools and equipment to be equipped with the the rotor Diaozhu smooth drawn. Withdrawn or assembly rotor with wire rope is not allowed to run into the rotor, bearings, fan, slip ring and coil, not damaged ministries flameproof surface, the contact surface. Note that the rotor encounter stator, wood, wire rope bolt rotor section must rope sliding pad to prevent the rotor, the rotor should be on the hard-liner.