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Pneumatic Needle Scaler handling the surface of iron products

2013/1/18 19:15:14

Iron products surface treatment refers to surface corrosion of iron products in order to prevent, eliminate and cover surface defects does not affect the strength of the iron products, with Pneumatic Needle Scaler the Iron products surface coating anti-rust and the effects of the (anti-) (beautiful)the decorative coatings technology implementation process.
In order to ensure the anti-(anti) rust and decorative effect for as long as possible the purpose, to take corresponding surface to the treatment process and post-plating method, and the choice of materials and the application process.
Good combination of force in order to guarantee the decorative coating (plating) layer and the surface of the iron products, must be coated (plated) implementation before the surface oxide of iron products, welding slag, rust marks, grease, dirt, moisture best Clear possible, otherwise easily lead coated (plated) layer, blistering, cracking, from the layer and spalling phenomenon.