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Wilden pump Fire Pump

12/4/2012 7:40:48 PM
Wilden pump fire pump selection principle:
(1) fire pump should be selected after the type examination of the < National Fire Protection Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and < institutions, and in the interests of
((Fire pump)) GB6245-2006 provisions. The standard formerly known as < "fire pump performance requirements and test methods)) GB6245 an 1998 < (first released in 1986)
(2) In accordance with the characteristics of the project, the power < supply and the location of the fire pump house area and fire water < supply system specific options, determine the type of fire pumps.
(3) fire pump flow and head projects should be based on the service < requirements of the fire water and water pressure is determined by < calculating the
(4) prepared or more prepared to run a temporary high-pressure fire < pumps or stable high-pressure fire water system should be used. The < spare pump capacity should not be less than the one of the largest of a < fire pump. When the system flow and pressure for more with a prepared, < you should consider more than one fire pump operated in parallel.
(5) pneumatic diaphragm pump power of the prime mover of the fire pumps < shall meet the requirements of the pump operating conditions within the < scope of the work.