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Airless paint sprayer powder coating

2012/12/6 19:53:12
Airless paint sprayer powder coating method
1, workpiece liquidation work shall be degreasing and rust removal. The workpiece is immersed in gasoline and oil airless spray, or trichlorethylene vapor purge oil spill; sandblasting or shot blasting, clearing clean.
Preheating workpiece preheating temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of the powder coating about 20 ℃ limited at 170 to 220 ° C, based on the differences of the workpiece size and the kind and thickness of the coating, preheat.
3, workpiece Fubi without demand coated locally available jig (such as silicone rubber) to maintain them, this jig play gripping the workpiece and maintaining the dual effect.
4, the coated workpiece into the fluidized bed, dip once pulled out of the continuation of the coating, the workpiece to obtain the average and, immediately rotating 180 °, to be coated melts and then dip- coated sequentially, again immediately swing to 180 °. Dip effort of 1 to 2 seconds.
5, after thermal curing coating better film curing the sprayer workpiece into the drying room is heated again. Two process parameters of the curing temperature and curing effort to obtain the best coating functions and try to shorten the construction cycle to determine. For example, an epoxy powder coating curing temperature is from 180 to 190 ° C, curing efforts for 40 to 50 minutes.