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Pneumatic Needle Scaler compressed air spray rust

1/30/2013 6:31:55 PM

The compressed air jet rust: This process is the abrasive is added to the air, from a pneumatic needle scaler nozzle air and abrasive mixture high speed toward the surface to be rust. The abrasive may be injected from the pressurized vessel into the air stream, can also be from a non-pressurized container into the air stream in the suction by the suction pump. This method is applicable to different types of corrosion level of equipment for rust, both intermittent rust job, the job can be carried out continuously rust applicable to a wide range of different environments of the factory, indoor, equipment and on-site construction sites and other Removing Rust. Is the injection rust way. The rust, dust or ventilation equipment to ensure that the work environment has to avoid dust pollution in the rust process, another undesirable effect of removing the chemical contaminants on the surface of the device, if you want to completely remove chemical pollutants, you need to add other manner.
In the choice of rust removal methods and processes should consider several factors: 1) Subject to the condition of the surface rust removal equipment; 2) intended for use in the feasibility of the method, such as operating conditions, health, safety and environmental conditions can meet the requirements, can No rust work completed in the scheduled period; 3) surface rust processing range of equipment in whole or in part rust treatment; 4) to be used in paint matching system and its requirements rust grades achieved.