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The application of Electric Ventilation Fan

1/23/2013 7:38:56 PM
Electric Ventilation Fan is widely used in various industrial sectors, generally speaking, the centrifugal fan apply to small flow, high-pressure place, axial fan is commonly used in high flow, low pressure.
1. Boiler fan
According to the specifications of the boiler, the boiler fan choice of centrifugal or axial flow. Divided into the boiler fan - conveying air to the boiler; Boiler Fan - boiler flue gas siphoned its role.
2. Ventilation with fan
General this type of fan is for the use of the factory and various building ventilation and heating, ventilation, requiring that the pressure is not high, but lower noise requirements to centrifugal or axial fans can be used.
3. Industrial furnace (cupola, blacksmith furnaces, metallurgical furnaces, etc.) with fan
Such fan requires a higher pressure, general for 2940 ~ 14700N/m2, the range of the high-pressure centrifugal fan. Due to the high pressure, the circumferential speed of the impeller, so the design the impeller to have sufficient strength.
4. Mine Fanner
It has two: one is a the main ventilator (also known as a main fan) of fresh air to the underground flow of large axial appropriate, and is also useful for the centrifugal; another local ventilation machine (aka Bureau fan), for the mine face ventilation flow and pressure were small, the use of explosion-proof axial fan.
5. Pulverized coal ventilator
Conveying the heat boiler combustion system of pulverized coal, the use of centrifugal fans. The pulverized coal ventilator according to the different uses can be divided into two types: one is the storage bunker pulverized coal fan, it is within the silos of pulverized coal furnace blown by his side, pulverized coal is not directly through the fan requires ventilator exhaust pressure; is another direct firing of pulverized coal ventilator, it is directly sent to the pulverized coal furnace. Pulverized coal serious wear and tear of the impeller and the body shell, wear-resistant materials should be used.