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The pneumatic antirust experts go into the use of anti-rust oil steps

1/18/2013 7:12:04 PM


Cleaning: use quality metal oil cleaner cleaning. Than about 10-15 watered work piece oil spill, here to remind everyone to wash heavy oil workers manually cleansed by the operator, and then into the detergent spray cleaning, the cleaning solution 50 ℃ -60 ℃, and then drying the work piece and then dipping in liquid rust. (THIF-301 can also be used cleaning agents) anti-rust oil
Rust inhibitor formulated: here to remind everyone to use distilled or deionized water, non-use of underground hard water and tap water, diluted with 1:1 Duishui. Then the work piece is immersed in anti-rust oil, rust-proof oil a little time and attention to the need of the work piece whole dipped in liquid rust.
III. Drying rust fluid, flowing in the work piece for packaging. The antirust oil packaging conditions should be dry and well ventilated, humidity ≤ 65. Packaging with a clean, dry plastic bags, can not be used cardboard and other things here to remind everyone.
pneumatic needle scaler does not need such a complicated steps can been accumulated rust can be divisible, and no harsh demands on the operator, has won wide acclaim in the majority of the business community.