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The gun replacement of the pneumatic system transformation

1/22/2013 7:28:29 PM

Pneumatic jet gun to replace the pneumatic system works as follows: when gun damage needs to be replaced, the operator control manual valve claw cylinder dropped jaws open, followed by the main lift cylinder upgrade card lowered then lift cylinder gun replacement is completed emperorclaw cylinder rising card installed to hold fast.
ISA furnace lead smelting process, the gun plays a vital role in the air, diesel fuel, oxygen, etc. ISA furnace lead smelting smelting auxiliary materials for Ru Aisa furnace through the gun, so the gun damage after the timely replacement has become an important part to influence the rate of ISA furnace smelting operations. The operating rate is one important criterion is advanced and reliable evaluation of a pyrometallurgical Therefore, how to improve the pyrometallurgical the operating rate is an important issue that we each smelting workers must think. ISA furnace lead smelting process to replace gun is a pneumatic system, which we call the gun to replace the pneumatic system.