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Airless paint sprayer during the operation of the construction points

6/24/2012 6:06:39 PM
1.Airless paint sprayer pressure spray pressure refers to the entrance of gun paint pressure, the value is the product of air pressure and pressure ratio. Flow refers to the amount of paint from the nozzle per unit time. Construction, must be based on the viscosity of the coating used, the inlet pressure and required spraying to choose the right pressure - flow with.
2.the viscosity of the spray high-pressure airless spray can be used for the different viscosity of the coating, but the viscosity is different, the desired spray pressure, the pressure loss in the high pressure hose is also different.
3. the coating pressure of high pressure hose and pressure in the airless paint sprayer during the operation of the construction points output is always greater than the pressure of the gun at the entrance of paint. This is the coating after high-pressure hose to produce a step-down in the construction must consider the pressure loss. Simply put, when the coating viscosity is fixed, the smaller the hose inside diameter, the greater the resistance to flow, the greater the pressure drop; the longer the hose, the pressure drop the greater; when certain coating viscosity, hose length and diameter a certain time, the greater the material flow, the greater the pressure drop.
4. the gun from the gun and painted the distance between the gun away from the generally advisable to 250 ~ 350mm. Gun away from a small spray format is small, pressure, recoil, easy to cause the coating uneven or sagging; gun away from too much spray, large format, the pressure will cause the coating irregular, a waste of paint.