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Two basic methods of hydraulic system troubleshooting

6/20/2012 6:40:11 PM
Two basic methods of hydraulic system troubleshooting
1. look:
system configuration to see whether it is normal, including: pumps, valves, actuator, the working fluid, oil filters, radiator;
to see the speed (flow): look at the executive body velocity anomalies;
see pressure: the size and volatility of the measurement points in the hydraulic system pressure value;
to see oil: To investigate the adequacy of oil capacity, is clean, with or without deterioration, and whether there are bubbles in the oil;
see leak: hydraulic pipe joints, the combination of the valve plate, the hydraulic cylinder end caps at the hydraulic pump shaft stretched out at the leak, drip and grease phenomenon.
2.the smell:
Listening to the noise: the judge to hear the sound is a noise, the source of the noise which is the piping of the hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and other hydraulic components or systems or components connected working bodies.
Listening to the impact of sound: listen to the sound of the impact of whether
Impact sound: hydraulic valve commutation impact, or the inexplicable sound.
The regularity of the impact sound: rhythm is still irregular.
listening to the leak sound: Listen to the oil constant subtle sound.
listening to the pounding pounding: listen to the hydraulic components operate.
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