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What are ventilation fans common failure?

5/28/2012 7:30:46 PM

A. Ventilation fans air volume:

1. pipeline valve is not open. 

2. the suction pipe is not big enough or fan air inlet is not installed, the change interface. 

3. belts relaxation. 

4. the low power supply voltage or reversed. 

5. the suction tube is too long, elbow, or with the fan air flow is too small. 

6. the impeller oil spill too much. 

7. duct connection leak.

B. Ventilation fans Vibration severe:

1. an impeller deformed or unbalanced. 

2. bearing heavy wear, impeller coaxial deviation is too large. 

3. foundation bolts loose, causing resonance. 

4. the impeller positioning bolt or clip the wheel bolts loose.

C. Ventilation fans' motor temperature is too high:

1. ventilation fans conveying the vapor density is too large, the pressure increases, the motor overload.

2. the input voltage is too high or too low. 

3. fluid overload or negative pressure is too high.

4. the supply line wire and square cross-section is too small.

D. Ventilation fans bearing temperature is too high:

1. grease deterioration or short of oil. 

2. shaft and bearing a different heart, installation skew.

3. the bearing wear.

E. Ventilation fans belt beating and skid:

1. the belt is too loose.

2. pulley position skew is not a straight line.

How to solve the problem, please see "ventilation fans on the troubleshooting method" .It is address " "