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ventilation fans on the troubleshooting method

2012/5/28 19:33:49

A. Ventilation fans air volume:

1. open the valve. 

2. the replacement of the suction duct and installation of variable interface.

3. djust the pulley center distance, belt tensioner.

4. Check the power to exchange the two-phase wiring.

5. the replacement of the large air volume fan. 

6. the cleaning impeller. Film or glass glue to seal the interface.

B. Ventilation fans Vibration severe:

1. replace the impeller.

2. the replacement of bearings, adjustment of the concentricity.

3. the fastening bolt.

4. the fastening bolts or clip the wheel bolts.

C. Ventilation fans' motor temperature is too high:

1. increasing the motor power.

2. equipped with overload protection device. 

3. re-designed and installed duct. 

4. replace the power supply line wires.

D. Ventilation fans bearing temperature is too high:

1. cleaning bearings to replace the grease. 

2. adjust the bearings to improve concentricity.

3. the replacement of bearings.

E. Ventilation fans belt beating and skid:

1. adjust the belt pulley distance to tension the belt.

2. to adjust the pulley position, so that along the same line.

When appear these fault, please see"What are ventilation fans common failure?" It is address ""