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Descaling the main method

1/18/2013 7:21:29 PM

To rust, to clear oxide welding slag, the main method of manual handling, mechanical treatment, blast treatment, chemical treatment (pickling), electrochemical treatment, and flame treatment methods.
Manual processing using emery cloth, scraper, hammer chisels, wire brushes, waste grinding wheel and other tools by hand polished knock shovel, sweep the brush to remove rust, mill scale, welding slag, dust and surface dirt.
Mechanical treatment is the most commonly used the Wind (electric) moving brush, Pneumatic Jet Chisel, polishing wheel and wind (electric) shovels and other tools, high-frequency impact and friction with the mechanical force role of rust and old paint to remove oxide pollution thereof.
Injection treatment is the use of the mechanical centrifugal, compressed air, high pressure water-powered, the abrasive, sand and gravel,
The steel shot projectile into the surface of the iron products, impact and friction swap oxide scale, rust marks, old paint, sand.
The chemical treatment is the use of an acidic solution of the particular formulation to leaching, dissolved iron products Ex oxide by chemical reaction, rust marks, grease, i.e. the so-called "pickling".
Degreasing iron products in terms of general organic solution, lye, electrochemical methods can be used, sold in a variety of metal cleaning agent also more applicable.