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Pneumatic Needle Scaler working principle and applications

1/23/2013 6:07:34 PM

Pneumatic Needle Scaler electricity or compressed air as the driving force, the appropriate assembly rust device, reciprocating or rotary movement to adapt to a variety of occasions rust. Angle grinder wire brush, the pneumatic needle beam Scaler, pneumatic knock rust hammer, tooth rotation Scaler, is a semi-mechanized equipment, tools and lightweight, maneuverability, can be more thoroughly to rust , old coatings, can coatings to fight hair treatment, greatly improve the efficiency than manual rust, up to 1 ~ 2m2 / h, but can not remove the oxide scale, surface roughness smaller, can not achieve a high-quality surface treatment quality , ergonomics than the jet.
Pneumatic Needle Scaler may be used at any site, and has been widely used particularly in the repairing process. Based on a particle jet erosion role to reach the surface is clean and suitable roughness, equipment, including open type shot blasting machines, closed peening, shot peening machine vacuum. Open-peening machine applied thoroughly to remove all the impurities of the metal surface, such as oxide, rust and old paint, rust efficiency 4 to 5m2 / h, a high degree of mechanical quality rust.