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Pneumatic Jet Chisel rust law

1/16/2013 7:02:08 PM

The pneumatic Jet Chisel rust is currently used widely as a rust removal method, its principle is to use shock and friction to get rid of the rust and its dirt. This method commonly used tools portable electric wheel, electric brush, wind-driven brush rust gun.
The advantage of this method is the quality rust, higher efficiency, but the drawback is that these tools need manual labor intensity, less applicable to the complex geometry and precision parts, not suitable for the needs of large-scale rust. Therefore, the current application than the range of spraying and shot blasting rust dirt.
Injection treatment: This method is mainly sand blasting, shot blasting, vacuum blasting, high pressure water sand, and high-pressure water blasting treatment: A high-speed rotating impeller head impeller throws high-speed iron pills (or other materials in the impact of the projectile), and the friction between the cleaning part surface to achieve the purpose of descaling