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Pneumatic Needle Scaler Introduction

1/8/2013 8:03:00 PM

Pneumatic Jet Chisel pneumatic tools to clear the metal surface rust layer or paint. Respective disciplines: mechanical engineering (a subject); the fitter assembly tools (two subjects); fitters and assemblers pneumatic tools (three subjects). Pneumatic tools is a tool that uses compressed air driven pneumatic motor and external output kinetic energy.
Pneumatic Needle Scaler work can be divided into: 1) Rotary (eccentric movable vane). 2) reciprocating the (displacement piston) general pneumatic tools mainly by the conversion of part of the power output section, operating in the form of intake and exhaust Road, part of the operation of open and stop the control part, the main part of the tool housing, of course must also have the energy supply for the operation of pneumatic tools, air filtration and air pressure adjustment part and tool accessories.
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