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Pneumatic jet gun Technical Field

1/4/2013 8:10:56 PM

Pneumatic jet gun technology involves the oilfield pipe anticorrosion areas for tubing, casing drill pipe spraying equipment, both a pneumatic gun. Art for tubing, casing drill pipe spraying equipment oilfield preservation equipment currently used in tubing, casing drill pipe spraying equipment in heavy-duty coatings spray high solid content, high viscosity liquid coating process, is difficult to achieve the required spray atomization is not high, uneven coating.
Pneumatic jet gun technology has beneficial effects, and that a pneumatic gun due to the above scenario, the paint from the gun tube into the spinning cup, compressed air through the bearing pressed into the air motor, air motor driven ultra-high-speed rotation of the spinning cup, paint by spinning cup on the micro-hole high degree of atomization, high speed toward the inner surface of the pipe under the tremendous centrifugal force, to form a high-quality coating  a pneumatic gun to spray high solid content of high-viscosity liquid heavy duty coatings, paint atomization high, atomized particles uniform coating uniformity, smooth, no bubbles, and defects such as sagging, high production efficiency.