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Portable electric ventilation fan

12/25/2012 8:23:04 PM

The Electric Ventilation Fan is a very common household appliances products, the major categories can be divided into stand fan, desk fan, ceiling fans, ventilation fans, etc. In addition, by Purpose can be divided into industrial fans and home fans. The fan family seems to have become a very large family, and their team, however, is still expanding, Portable electric ventilation fan is a fan of emerging, its greatest feature is easy to carry, suitable for use in a number of outdoor workers, for traditional fan, anxiety visual as well as the health risks that may lead to diseases such as colds major drawbacks that can not be ignored.
For the market in terms of the ventilation fan, the fans in the domestic market by the severe impact of the air conditioning, but the market is still very wide, not only in the economically backward rural areas, but is more developed urban areas, electric fans is still small household electrical appliances, it is indispensable for the hot summer relative to the air conditioning inherent advantages of cheap, portable, easy to maintain, so the outlook remains optimistic.