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Airless paint sprayer gun choice

10/30/2012 7:10:06 PM
1, airless paint sprayer gun powder smooth, powder atomizing uniform, continuously adjustable amount of flour spray of pink mist, it should be fine aerosol particles was beautiful mushroom translucent.
2, the powder was excellent in charging effect, has a very significant electrostatic adsorption capacity, sprayed onto the powder on the work piece is sucked up by the electrostatic adsorption force, rather than piled up, sprayed onto the powder on the work piece to be subject to a certain limit of vibration or breeze blow will not be a lot of shedding.
3 dead parts of the work piece should demonstrate excellent on powder properties, this performance is the one of the most important performance of electrostatic spray machine, because even though they look very simple work piece is likely there will be a few more difficult to spray the dead angle position.
4, high airless paint sprayer gun on flour yield, high on flour yield is equivalent to a high utilization of the powder, thereby reducing the cost of production materials, over time, is of great significance for the user in terms of electrostatic spray machine.
5, good metal powder coating capabilities; many are mixed with metal powder called metal powder, optional electrostatic spraying machine now, should be required to appear on the market in recent years, various art effects powder, to be able to adapt the spraying of the metal powder.
6, long continuous working ability; many electrostatic spraying machine can not work continuously for a long time, because the gun severe fever, In fact, we often need a long period of continuous spraying to catch up schedule.