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The marine ventilation fan Notes

12/27/2012 11:52:42 PM

Marine ventilation fan is designed according to the characteristics of the temperate, tropical and subtropical regions, vessels, the car cab cooling equipment, structure, exquisite and beautiful. Has large air volume, low power consumption small temperature rise, low noise, stable and reliable, can adjust the timing, the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, suitable for various models of the cab, cars, ships, night markets, mining, no AC cool place for anti-Department.
Ventilation fan power permanent magnet DC motor, DC, with Do not plug in the AC, otherwise there is danger. Can be placed in your most suitable position, it blast soft, to governor, timing, did not affect the performance. But placed should pay attention to the collision of the surrounding objects. Look for voltage wiring one wire grounding, another line access switch line-side, switching into line access battery "+". Power if the fan blade forward or reverse, the two lines can be reversed. This product drive motor is a permanent magnet DC motor, DC power, Never plug the AC power supply, otherwise there is danger.