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Electric ventilation fan noise impact

1/6/2013 8:28:43 PM

Electric ventilation fan noise impact is reflected in the top of the user's physical and mental health and safety, accompanied by vibration and noise may cause chip wear, or loose disc scratches endanger phenomenon.
Select electric ventilation fans should be concerned about the fan noise, natural is the smaller the better. But the noise data provided by the manufacturers of the product parameters, often there is a certain gap with the actual use of the effect, not directly to the subject, this is mainly due to the industry standard test methods and the actual use of the environment due to the difference.
First, the background noise of daily life is much higher than the background noise of 15dBA in quiet room. General urban, non-residential area near the major trunk roads, the background noise in the middle of the night between 30 ~ 35dBA during the day in the 40 ~ 50dBA.
Secondly, the mute indoor wall material has the effect of sound-absorbing, sound insulation, can not reflect Electric ventilation fan airflow generated sound pressure measured in the inlet side, and the actual use can not be avoided.
Furthermore, the fan work alone installed to work on the heat sink noise a big difference. Experienced users know that: most of the noise of the air-cooled radiator from wind noise generated in the high-speed airflow through the cooling fins and fricative, account for only a small part of the working noise of the fan itself. The majority of the noise radiators are marked only the work alone with fan noise, rather than the overall noise of the work, the Electric ventilation fan manufacturers do not specify the slightly misleading to say.