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The development prospects of the Pneumatic Jet Chisel

1/9/2013 8:27:51 PM

Pneumatic Jet Chisel tools and electronic appliances, like hydraulic, are one of the most effective technology for production process automation, widely used in various sectors, according to statistics in the industrial countries, equipped with a pneumatic system fully automated process, about. Start manufacturing and pneumatic technology and application started a bit late, but has developed tremendously over the past decade. The pneumatic technology has been gradually extended to the various industrial sectors, and played significant benefits in the production. In order to improve the reliability of industrial automation equipment, pneumatic components to the development of high- quality, high-life and high-precision direction. In order to improve production efficiency, the pneumatic components to the development of high speed, high output force direction.
Mechatronics is the current trend of technological development, and to make the microcomputer, the control box and the cylinder pneumatic mechatronics systems, pneumatic components to the development of low- power, miniaturized and light direction. Pneumatic components to the oil lubrication original direction, development, to adapt electronics, food, pharmaceutical, textile industry pollution requirements.