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The birth of the electric ventilation fan

1/9/2013 9:35:19 PM

The mechanical fan originated in 1830, a man named James Byron of Americans have been inspired from the structure of the clocks, invented a fixed ceiling, with clockwork driven mechanical fan. Slowly cool breeze makes this fan rotating blades delighted, but have to climb the ladder to the winding, very troublesome.
In 1872, a Frenchman named Joseph developed one by Clockwork turbine start the mechanical fan drive gear chain device, this fan invention than Byron delicate mechanical fan more convenient use.
In 1880, Americans Schoeller blade mounted directly on the motor, connect the power, rapid rotation of the blades, the cool breeze blowing, this is the world's first mechanical fans.
With the mechanical fan and the development of science and technology, the need for ventilation tunnel, basement, shipyards ventilation ventilated place electric ventilation fan was born.