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Installation and maintenance of the Electric Ventilation Fan

1/23/2013 6:40:40 PM


Electric Ventilation Fan installation method:
(1), shall be installed by the professionals. Ventilator should be installed on the the 2.3M the wall hole in the ground clearance, not close to the flame, hot steam and curtains, and other places, and out of the outlet should be smooth. Should be added when ventilation fans facing the strong wind exhaust directly to the outdoors, windshield.
(2), the installation must be taken to avoid the gas into the room from the open airway open flame or investigation equipment reflux
(3), ventilator connection with a fixed supply lines should be installed on the contacts to open away from the power of 3 mm to less all-pole disconnecting device; power cord yellow / green drunk reliable ground; power lines in the blue color is neutral, should be connected with the "N" position of the terminal tag. If the power cord is damaged, avoid a hazard, from the factory or repair or similarly qualified persons to be replaced.
(4), after the power is turned on, such as the occurrence of abnormal noise, odor or phone when the impeller does not rotate, disconnect the power to pay professionals to overhaul.
 Electric Ventilation Fan maintenance:
Such as abnormal noise, smell or energized blades do not rotate, disconnect the power to pay professionals to overhaul. The corrosive liquid plastic and paint pieces should be cleaned regularly, after power failure can remove the front cover, fan blades and panels, cotton or soft cloth moistened with soap disabled gasoline, bogey pressure Blade deformed.