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Safe use of Electric Ventilation Fan

1/23/2013 6:42:31 PM


Electric Ventilation Fan, motor-driven fan blade rotary drive airflow, indoor and outdoor air exchange of a class of air-conditioning appliances. Also known as ventilation fan. The exhaust's purpose is to remove polluted indoor air, adjust the temperature, humidity, and feel. Electric Ventilation Fan is widely used in the home and in public places.
Electric Ventilation Fan Note:
(A) The in peacetime use process, such as encountered ventilator is not working properly, can not remember their own ventilation fans disintegration of maintenance professionals possess professional qualifications or as authorized by the manufacturer, checks will be very easy to produce, or leaving security hazard.
(B) to do the daily cleaning of the ventilation fans must be noted, should first cut off power to prevent electric shock, and some people mistakenly opened, resulting in bodily harm.
(C) cleaning the ventilating fan blades should also be noted that not a one blades excessive force to prevent the break.
(D) the the ventilating fan blades are fixed to prevent fumes from heavy lead used in kitchen ventilation fans, this is very important. Because, when the blades are fixed, the ventilator motor still at work, this time, electricity opportunity to send a lot of heat, ranging from the motor burned, the weight may lead to a fire.
(E) the need to pay special attention to the fixed oil such ventilation fans, if you need to go out, to prevent accidents, be sure to check the ventilation fan, power supply is turned off.